Tom Cruise: How to sculpt a realistic portrait in clay

Artist Amelia Rowcroft tackles a ‘mission impossible’ to sculpt a realistic portrait of Tom Cruise in clay. This short video breaks down the steps to creating a realistic head.

Ever wondered how realistic clay portraits are sculpted? This short video runs through the basics. You will see the 4 week sculpting process in just over one minute. This is a super-quick tutorial of the sculpting process.

Amelia Rowcroft is a professional sculptor. She sculpts people every day in her studio in Lewes, East Sussex. In this video, you can see her complete a realistic portrait in clay of Tom Cruise.

Would you like to learn how to sculpt portraits? Check out Amelia’s online course ‘Strong Foundations’ –

About Strong Foundations

Achieving a good likeness in portrait sculpture requires getting the foundations right. In Strong Foundations, Amelia Rowcroft shares her method for creating a clay likeness from life or a photographic sitting with a model. The course will you take you through the whole process of sculpting a portrait to a very high finish, with an emphasis on getting the anatomical structure correct at the beginning. This is key to achieving a likeness. Amelia will show you how to train your eye to see objectively, so you can learn to trust your own judgement.

Strong Foundations provides you with demonstration videos, downloadable notes and a full set of reference. You will begin by understanding how to see your model’s bone structure and blocking this out in clay. You will then build onto this skull-like form the big shapes of the face. Once you have the whole face blocked out, you can begin looking for smaller shapes, before adding final detail and completing your portrait to a high level of finish.


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