How to make a bike model with paper

How I make KTM 1190 RC8.

00:00 Drawings
01:39 Frame
06:28 Tire & Wheels
10:11 Engine
14:56 Assemble all parts

KTM 1190 RC8 is one of the my favourite motorcycle.
Very cool and unique design.looks like ORIGAMI.
And I love V-twin bike.
I tried making this bike .

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How to make → How I make
Thank you everyone who told me mistaking title by comment.

I use a Sketch book and white craft glue.
Just one book into this bike.

When I use white craft glue, add water little.
because normal glue is too rich and dry fast.

Before make any bike, I search all parts as I can.
I use ebay sometime.
Gasket can help me so understanding engine cross section.

I hope you enjoy my video and try making your favourite bike.
And thank youso many india people for watching ?

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