JAGO, the self-taught sculptor who wanted to be Michelangelo

Jago is a self-taught sculptor from Ciociaria. He’s thirty years old and since he was a child, dreamed of being like Michelangelo. Art, for him, is a way to find courage thanks to the example set be the great masters of the past. His artwork is based on a constant study on perception: changing the shape of matter, making a stone soft, to astonish and to show that the world isn’t just what it seems to be. His sculpture of Pope Ratzinger was not accepted by the Vatican because the eyes had holes in them, this was in homage to Adolf Wildt, the Pope never even saw the artwork. Years later, Jago, who had refused to fill in the eyes, was finally awarded the Accademia Pontificia prize. And when the Pope resigned, stripping himself of his robes, Jago did the same to his sculpture.

We followed Jago from his studio in Anagni to Milan, at the Galleria Montrasio Arte, where his solo exhibition is being held.

Produced by Fanpage.it
video by Luca Iavarone
shot by A. Esposito, Jago
music: Jago



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