The Art Market (in Four Parts): Galleries

What does an art gallery do for an artist? What fuels the global expansion of galleries like Gagosian and White Cube? And how has the internet affected the way galleries do business? In the second installment of “The Art Market Series (in Four Parts),” we look at the complex ecosystem of commercial galleries to probe these questions—and get to the root of how galleries effectively steward artists’ careers, promote their work, and protect their markets. Gallerists, artists, and art-world influencers like Amalia Dayan, Daniella Luxembourg, Dominique Lévy, Michele Maccarone, Elmgreen & Dragset, Josh Baer, Stefan Simchowitz, and Sarah Thornton provide their insights.

Galleries is the second installment of a four-part documentary series, preceded by Auctions and followed by Patrons and Art Fairs. Together, the four segments tell a comprehensive story about the art market’s history and cultural influence, providing an approachable yet nuanced introduction to a extraordinary subject. Visit to watch all the films.

The series is produced in collaboration with UBS and directed by Oscar Boyson.

Director – Oscar Boyson
Editor – Nate DeYoung
Producer – Sean Barth
Produced By – Neighborhood Watch Films
Director of Photography – David Russo
Assistant Editor – Erin DeWitt
Assistant Editor – Matthew Hart
Sound – Colin Alexander
Music – Jay Wadley of Found Objects Music Production
Color – Irving Harvey


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