Terence Cuneo: Railway illustration (1960) – British Pathè

Another vintage video from British Pathè. This time the painter Terence Cuneo has to create a composition for the British Railways. He makes a series of sketches of the train and then he realize a beautiful illustration demonstrating that everything can be a subject.


M/Ss of railway artist Terence Cuneo holding sketchbooks and standing next to a railway track, beckoning forward a diesel freight train. He sits on a seat astride one of the tracks and begins to sketch. Freight trains are behind him, also a station lookout man holding furled flags under his arm with a small trumpet hanging round his neck.

M/S showing the back of TC and the front of the train clearly named ‘Condor’. The commentator says “officially described on the London Midland Region of British Railways as a 1200 HP Type 2 Co-Bo diesel-electric locomotive”. High angle showing TC sketching. C/Us of pencil sketch, various of TC sketching and observing the train, a box of pencils on a railway sleeper. Commentator says TC has been commissioned by the railway authorities to paint the ‘Condor’ for a poster.

C/U of the lookout man who spots a train coming and blows his horn to alert TC, then beckons him to come away from the track. M/S of TC folding up his seat and walking to the other side of the track. M/S of a diesel train coming down the line past the two men. C/U of the wheels running over the rails. M/S as the train goes by and TC goes back to his sketching position. C/Us of front of engine showing buffers and other equipment, TC comes into shot to examine more closely and make notes in his sketchbook, leaning his elbow on one of the engine buffers.

M/S of the side of a steam train to be illustrated in the poster. TC walks along and climbs into the driver’s cabin, the train moves off with TC driving! He gets the train to the desired position then climbs out, sets up his seat and starts to sketch. Various C/Us of sketches of trains and equipment. M/S of two engine drivers by the wheels of a train; TC enters shot to show them the finished painting and they all crouch down to look at it. C/Us of TC talking and the painting itself.

Note: Interesting documentation on file from British Transport Commission Public Relations Office.
FILM ID:99.31


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