Take a look inside the Creative Lettering Journal!

Take a look inside the Creative Lettering Journal!

This 84-page spiral bound book includes lettering guides (upper and lowercase alphabet), coloring and tracing pages, reflective journal pages, thank you cards, and wreath outlines for framing your own creations.

During one of the most challenging times of my life, I found lettering and it saved me. It gave me an escape, a creative outlet and a reason to look for positivity. I clung to the inspiration that I would write and re-write as I practiced and it brought so much joy to my life! I want you to experience this too which is how the Creative Lettering Journal was born…

In the Creative Lettering Journal, you will find guides for practicing the entire lowercase and uppercase script alphabet, step-by-step directions for how to make your lettering look like modern calligraphy and finished lettered designs to trace for practice. This is a great resource for learning and practicing your hand lettering and would make a great gift!

There are 14 beautiful coloring pages that you can color in using colored pencils, watercolors, crayons, gelly roll markers, you name it! The backs of the coloring pages are blank so you can pull them out to frame if you’d like to – each one has faint dotted lines around 3 sides to make it easy to cut it down to 8×10 size and frame. If you’re not going to remove it, that blank backside is a great place for more journaling or lettering practice.

The 14 reflective journaling pages include my insights about the quotes shared as well as a prompt for you to journal your own thoughts and feelings. I find that when I’m being creative, I have some of my best thoughts and it’s wonderful to record them right there. Each one is meant to be short and sweet to be able to do in one sitting (and then you feel like you’d accomplished something!).

At the end of the book, there are 2 color-in Thank You Cards that you can cut out, fold in half and send to someone you love which goes along perfectly with the theme of Gratitude present throughout the Creative Lettering Journal.

After that, you’ll see two blank wreaths where you can add your own lettering designs! After you’ve have a chance to practice, this is a great opportunity to add your touch to these pages and create something beautiful!

Tools you will need: I recommend buying Crayola Super Tip Markers to use with this journal (they’re awesome and so affordable!) and then whatever you prefer to color with (colored pencils, etc.) and that’s it! It’s super affordable to get started Creative Lettering Journal!

This journal is a true labor of love. It comes straight from my heart and my hope is that it will bless your life!

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