Silver point drawing technique with artist Dylan Waldron

On occasion Dylan Waldron likes to attempt a silver point drawing but it has to be of something special. So when, Dylan was introduced to the artist David Suff at the Goldmark Gallery he couldn’t help but noticed his very long white beard. This film follows the progress of this drawing and talks about silver point.

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Biography – Born in Newcastle-Under-Lyme in 1953 Waldron was the son of a sculptor and studied at Stourbridge College of Art and Wolverhampton. Since 1983, he has exhibited regularly in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and his work is sold internationally. His subjects depicted are personal and carefully chosen, whether this is material for a still life, a domestic interior, a landscape, portrait or nude study.

Waldron’s painting style has its roots in traditional techniques, with each piece of work having between twenty and thirty layers of translucent colour glazes, built up to achieve depth of tone and luminosity, with a finely worked and highly detailed finish. Waldron also constructs and hand finishes the frames for each individual painting, which he sees as integral to the overall presentation of the work.

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