Ship in the Ocean – A Step by Step Painting with Acrylics (Ryan O’Rourke)

Here today in our REAL TIME STEP BY STEP acrylic painting lesson we will learn to paint a boat out on the ocean during sunset with beautiful stars in the sky. The materials are listed below and we talk about them in the video.

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Cadmium Red Medium Hue (Liquites Basics)
Cadmium Red Light Hue (Liquites Basics)
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue (Liquites Basics)
Cerulean Blue (Winsor and Newton)
Burnt Umber (Liquitex Basics)
Burnt Sienna (Winsor and Newton)
Titanium White (Liquites Basics)
Mars Black (Liquites Basics)

Five square/flat headed brushes from Artists Loft ranging between half a centimeter and 3 inches.
Two small round headed brushes ranging between half a centimeter and a full centimeter. Also, and older square headed brush which we will talk about in the lesson.
I wouldn’t worry too much about the size of the brush. I think it’s best to work intuitively.

I also use a palette, a cloth for excess paint, a 9×12 canvas and a small dish of water. I drew the initial sketch with woodless color pencils and a fine tipped sharpie.

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