Real Digital Watercolor Painting in Photoshop – The Most SIMPLE Tutorial for Artists!

Hi Guys! I’m back with a new video for you. This one was inspired by my recent exploration of the digital watercolor tutorials on Youtube and I was immediately SO confused and overwhelmed by what people were trying to teach and to me all of them had lost the magic of REAL art!
So if you haven’t already given up hope on trying art in Photoshop check out my video. I make it easy to learn and it’s perfect for traditional artists who typically work with pencil and paper or brush and canvas.

You will need:

Drawing Skills (or not – drawing is like a muscle you have to use it to make it stronger – get started and you will only improve).
Wacom Tablet (any kind) and digital pen (usually comes with the tablet)
My watercolor brush – (now includes a set of 9 free watercolor brushes – the brush I use in this tutorial is brush no.8) which you can download here:

I hope you enjoy – please let me know if you have any questions. Subscribe to my channel for future videos and please share my video – Cheers!
~ Jess 😉


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