Proko: A Conversation with Glenn Vilppu

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Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Vilppu, a legendary instructor and artist. His teaching had a significant impact on my life and career. Mr. Vilppu and I had a conversation and I got to ask him some of the questions you guys submitted.

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– What part of being an artist do you enjoy most?
– Can you recommend a weekly schedule for a studying regime?
– What do you like to do to warm up?
– Is there any problem using a ruler or calipers in drawing, is it better to just use your eyes to measure proportions?
– Favorite color?
– Favorite drawing medium?
– Why do some artists draw a sketch before painting and others paint a la prima?
– I’ve been drawing for years, but I still have trouble making bold, decisive strokes. What do you think about this?
– what do u enjoy more, the process or the end product of your hard work?
– How much time should I spent drawing from observation vs. imagination, and what should I be aware of so that I’m always learning and not just copying the model?
– As you are arranging the model for a figure drawing, what do you look for? Position of body and limbs? Lighting? Facial expression?
– How do beginning artists work through the growing pains of being in the same classroom as more advanced artists.
– Have you encountered many artists who have a severe lack of self-confidence?
– Did you ever doubt yourself when you were starting out or at any time in your career?
– When you draw complete gestures, they come out proportionally close to the finish.
– Is this purely from experience, or do you “see checkpoints” that you don’t actually draw?

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