Preview | The Secret to Oil Painting Wet-Into-Wet with Michael Chesley Johnson PREVIEW

Take advantage of the true nature of oils as you follow along with Michael Chesley Johnson in his video tutorial. Michael completes a landscape painting in oil from start to finish, sharing his secrets for capturing the scene quickly and accurately in just one painting session. You’ll learn how to start off a painting with a proper block-in that will “stay put” when adding succeeding layers, and how to handle a brush to achieve rich color and a strong composition. With Michael’s friendly and helpful painting tips, you’ll fall in love with oil painting wet-int- wet.

Preview The Secret to Oil Painting Wet-Into-Wet to learn how to paint a basic block in of shapes, adjust your shapes for success, mix colors for the landscape, and use brushes and palette knives to achieve a variety of painterly effects. Then visit or for access to the full-length video.


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