How to Paint Eyes, Nose, and Lips

How to paint realistic facial features like eyes, noses, and lips using oil paint, plus the ONLY 2 tips you need to make amazing portraits. Painting realistic portraits seems intimidating, especially the eyes, nose, and lips because of how much detail they involve. In this video, you will get a comprehensive and detailed tutorial on how to paint eyes, how to paint noses, and how to paint lips so you can paint portraits of any size, shape, and skin tone. So grab a reference photo (or a mirror!) and let’s get painting!

0:00 – Materials + Set-up
0:46 – Tip #1
2:11 – Tip #2
3:15 – Eyes
6:52 – Nose
7:48 – Lips
9:53 – Final Look!

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Video information: How to Paint Realistic Eyes, Nose, and Lips with Oil Paint ?| The Basics of Oil Painting #2
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