Presentation Video of Barcelona Academy of Art

Barcelona Academy of Art is the first Spanish school which aims at teaching drawing, painting and sculpting using a complete curriculum and teaching methods stemming from the classic- realistic tradition. Its methodology originated on the Renaissance and was brought back to life by the main Realistic academic Ateliers of the late 19th century (in particular, by great painters such as Jean-Léon Gérôme, Léon Bonnat and Carolus-Durán).

The philosophy behind our curriculum and our teaching methods requires the return to discipline in art and excellent know-how through tested and efficient techniques. That is, a return to the direct study of nature and to the old masters as the bedrock and benchmark of any artistic knowledge.

Barcelona Academy of Art is not an art preparatory academy, but an alternative to state universities of Fine Arts. Our highly specialized training brings students from around the world together. The academy is aimed at a public interested in painting, drawing and sculpting following the traditional ways, while remaining within the parameters offiguration and realism as a way of representing art. Through practical and comprehensive materials and methods stemming from the nearly forgotten academicism, students will strengthen their knowledge as future artists so as to continue creating contemporary art in our time.

Students will need to be disciplined and follow a curriculum in an orderly fashion instead of free experimentation to master certain skills. All the works the students create at the school are specific art exercises designed to help them build and master basic skills. These competencies shall provide the students with the necessary tools to express their ideas and visions through a realistic-figurative language and to successfully represent what they see and feel. Our students will be tutored by a team of professional drawing, painting and sculpting teachers.

Learning the necessary techniques and theory to draw, paint and sculpt can help the person and artist achieve professional growth in the Fine Arts world, but also in areas such as digital illustration, design, cinema or videogames, among others.


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