Painting Clothes, Painting Fabric, Painting folds

This is the third installment on this painting.

Today i’m only painting the clothes/fabric/cloth. While i am definitely no expert, i have grown to ‘quite’ ‘enjoy’ painting the folds of fabric, i think as I’ve practiced over the last 12 months I’ve realised if you break it down into just a few main colours/tones it makes it much easier to understand and therefore paint!
The further from the face and hands i get, the more loose i will try to become.

I’m hoping to do the chair and background next, extremely loosely in an almost abstract way, in one day (for part four). We’ll have to see how that goes!
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I’ve spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time shooting and editing this video (an EMBARRASSING amount of time really).

I’d really appreciate a comment on what you think about it. I can see the production quality of the video is much more ‘professional’ looking now, with some nice B-roll in there (wow i’m so pro lololol), but it takes a LOT more effort to do it.

I’d really appreciate you telling me if you noticed.

PS You may have noticed my new favourite mug near the start of the video! It’s an “OpenDog” mug, and part of the merch for one of my favourite YouTubers James Bruton. James is (i’m sure) a genuine genius, and has made an unbelievably awesome ROBOT DOG (yes that’s what i said!) at home, on his own! it’s incredible, please visit his channel to give it a look, deets below…
James Bruton’s awesome channel:
OpenDog Playlist if you want to see James make it:
If you want a cool mug like mine:

PPS no one reads this far! I’ve got an update on the ‘Julian burns his workshop down making a forge’ video. The parts are coming in and hopefully by the end of the week i’ll have enough bit’n’pieces to assemble a home-made diesel flamethrower (forge burner lol). So i might make a video about the testing of the burner. It should be exciting at least 🙂

Cheers all o/

Part 3: ***THIS IS PART THREE***

Music: Whiteout by Little Glass Men
COMPOSER: Ryan Claus, PUBLISHER: Ryan Claus (p) Ryan Claus © Ryan Claus.
Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Altered slightly to fit the video by JulianHG


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