Painting a vintage car with watercolors

See it here:

I finally finished all the watercolor illustrations for my “Tokyo Storefronts” album so I had a little bit of time to spare before starting on another project – a storyboard for a short commercial animation.

I decided to paint something different than usual – a car. I collected quite a few photos of interesting and vintage cars on my iPhone while walking around Tokyo so I just picked one. It’s a Honda Life 3-door Van / Wagon made between 1971-74.

Because I took several pictures from different angles I decided to paint the front and back.

I used the cold press Heritage paper for this one because I wanted to try out the samples I got from Canson recently. I must say that I like my usual Waterford better though – the surface of the Heritage is much softer so it does not handle pencils, erasing and my isograph pen so well. For watercolor itself it’s really good though.

Technical details:

sketch: 0.5mm B lead mechanical pencil
lines: 0.5 Rotring isograph
paper: Canson Heritage cold press watercolor paper
colors: my 48 colors Schmincke set


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