Painting a Turtle in acrylics – full process

Painting a Turtle in acrylics – full process

“Painting a Turtle in acrylics – full process” is an informal ‘tutorial’ video filmed at my makeshift home studio – where you can watch how I paint a sea turtle painting using acrylics on stretched canvas. This video has come about after a few people asked to watch how I create my artwork. So in this video, you can see every detail (from where I remove the liquid masking fluid) as I paint the turtle in layers, starting with blocks of colour and building up finer details through the video.

**NOTE** This video is 39 minutes long which I know is a stretch for a lot of viewers. I will also upload a faster version of around 10 minutes long soon. So subscribe and ding the bell now to be notified when it’s published! Thank you.

I painted this to hang in the master bedroom, as we were doing the house up to sell and I wanted a centre piece on the main wall to tie in the colours and also make the bedroom pop.

* Stretched canvas
* Masking fluid
* Acrylic paints (professional and student quality)
* House paint – low sheen acrylic
* Various round and flat paintbrushes
* Easel
* Water
* Cleaning cloths
* Filmed with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
* Edited using Premiere Pro





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“Painting a Turtle in acrylics – full process”
(c) Copyright 2017 Aannsha Jones and all respective artists on this video.

This video is backed by:
Cold Funk – Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod and also “Daily Beetle” by Kevin MacLeod and both are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence… Artist:

Filmed in location around my home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia.


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