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Modern art has been shown to be a fraud many times. Again and again people fool so-called ‘expert’ with works done by novices, toddlers, or even chimpanzees. The Baltic in Newcastle is a fine gallery, Unfortunately, they very seldom find anything to put in it worth looking at, let alone journeying any distance to see.

People appreciate effort, skill, and an attempt to please or at least be understood. Works of art that clearly have taken no skill, time, effort, or care to create are an insult to the gallery viewer.

Clearly, I am not saying that ALL modern (or ‘contemporary’ if you prefer) art is insulting. I am just explaining why much of it is. Great art in the past was not all understood by everybody, but it didn’t insult those who didn’t understand it.

Similarly, I am not saying that any art that took ages to make is good. Boris Vallejo is an amazing draughtsman, but his works are not good art.

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Modern art insults me”Lindybeige”


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