Meet Ruan Jia, (Eng Sub) – The Sketchbook Series

Meet Chinese Artist Ruan Jia in this video from the “Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn” channel. Plus a real-time sketching session. Video with Eng Subtitles.


Take a peek into the mind of Ruan Jia.
Born in Fujian, China, Ruan Jia began working in the games industry for a Chinese games company, where he stayed for 10 years.

In 2011, he moved to North America to join ArenaNet.

He now works at 343 Industries in Seattle, Washington, as a Senior Concept Designer developing the Halo Series.

On top of this, Ruan Jia also freelances in his spare time as an Illustrator for the Warcraft and Diablo III titles.

An artist’s sketchbook can tell you many things. It’s a special place where they can scribble freely and let their imagination run wild, giving you insights into who they are.

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