Loose watercolor: Rainy day in Paris – Gary Tucker

Loose watercolor video tutorial by Gary Tucker. In this video he explains how to paint a rainy day in Paris with figures. He shows how to get variety in edges.


This is a video done as a supplement to a watercolor class taught by Gary Tucker in Boston. A sustained focus on a single motif or theme can contribute greatly to the development of the individual artist. Consider Constable and clouds, Turner and the sea, Monet and haystacks. For this series the motif will be a “Barges along the Seine”. As we move week to week I hope to show how an artist develops the image and becomes more expressive as they become more familiar with the motif.
This piece was painted on 140 lb rough, 14″ x 20″ using ultramarine blue, b sienna, cad red, .
In this painting I take the same motif and think of it as a rainy day. To achieve this mood I mute the colors and try for a greater variety in edges. Especially broken edges and lost and found edges. This is one reason I use the rough paper

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