Advancing with Watercolor: In The Masters Footsteps "Boboli Gardens"

This is part eight of a muti-part series stemming from a recent trip to Florence Italy along with 10 other artists.- Officially the painting tour of Tuscany has finished – our last supper,wonderful, and many were on their way home now. I enjoy lingering an extra day if possible to re-visit some of my favorites, or just to sip coffee in the piazza. Fellow artist Amy Hourihan is here for an extra day also and we decide to return to the Boboli gardens ” in the masters footprints. The master in this case is John Singer Sargent. A master painter in oil and watercolor – for those who paint daily life and travel Sargent is “The Master”. I revisit Boboli today and think of Sargent and how his watercolors caught the sunlight of Tuscany. We stop and paint a scene in the spirit of Sargent.
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