Let’s Demo! – 10 Minute pose

No talking in this one, just a demo going through the process of establishing gesture and then building on it with form and anatomy. It’s also actually about 12 minutes (I cheated!).

This is done with a Prismacolor Premier Magenta Pencil on Strathmore bond paper

Figure Reference is from www.Characterdesigns.com

You can see more of my work at www.thekirkshop.com

And if you like the work on this channel I have a digital sketchbook for sale at www.thekirkshop.com/shop


Dan Bodan- “Fortress Europe”
Kudasai- “The Girl I Haven’t Met”
Kudasai- “dream of Her”
Kudasai- “A Light of Mine”

More of Kudasai is here: https://kudasaibeats.bandcamp.com/


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