How to Draw Gesture – Step by Step

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In this video I take you through the process of a gesture quicksketch drawing step by step. An approach to 30 second poses and 2 minute poses.

Assignment – Practice 30 second and 2 minute quicksketches
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Premium Video Concepts:

How do you draw a pose in 30 seconds?
Creating a game plan
How to simplify
How to exaggerate the pose
Rhythms of the breasts
Rhythms of the legs
Rhythms of the neck
Rhythms of the torso
Find the flow of the limbs
Finding rhythm in anatomy
Tapering of forms
Draw smart not fast
Drawing through the forms
Learning to see gesture
Using Asymmetry
Balancing proportion and gesture
Look for motion not contour

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models – Chanon Finley, Aaron Simunovich, Marcia Churchill, Veronica LaVery

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