Landscape Oil Painting | Time Lapse video demonstration

Landscape Oil Painting | Time Lapse – YouTube

This video is a time lapse of one of my new oil painting landscape. I have tutorials for this split up into sections already so if you wish to se more in-depth on how I did everything make sure to click the links below.
I have been oil painting for almost 25 years now. My paintings are heavily inspired by nature and its beauty inspired by the beautiful Natural State I live in. I work primarily in oil, and sometimes gouache and oil pastels. The vast majority of what I share here on youtube involves my creation process: paintings, drawings, time lapses, tips, and occasionally artist vlogs, where I share bits of my life as an artist. Creating art is my greatest passion and I’m thankful for the chance to share it with you. ♥

If you would like to see more of me:

Art Store: ?

Oil Painting Tutorials | Where I go over tips and tricks to make you art better :D.

Sketchbook Adventures | Ive always felt sketching helps become a better artist. In this series we play wit different mediums while sketching. 😀

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