How To Use a White Colored Pencil for Blending

The white pencil is a tool, not just an invisible color!

Cher Kaufmann shares her tips for coloring with white colored pencil.
Make your adult coloring pages glow with this technique!
The two best ways to use a white pencil?
Underneath your color or on top of your color.

The first option is to use it on top of the colors you already have down.

The white pencil can be used as a softening agent between the layers to smooth colors together.

It’s essentially blending the colors!

Some of the colors will lighten, if you want deep dark colors you may not want to use the white pencil.

Don’t press too hard or you’ll flatten the pigment and it will become difficult to continue adding more colors.

The next option is to use the white pencil first.

Put it where you think you’d like your highlights to be. It will resist the addition of your next color.

You can feel the difference when you’re dragging your pencil across the white pencil area.

Just make sure you work lightly – don’t add a lot of pressure. (the video really captures this part – 2:10)

The white pencil can also be used as a burnishing effect. That means you can use it to create a smooth effect.

Press hard and move the layers together.

Make sure this is the LAST layer and you’re ready for the section to be done.


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