How to Paint the Magnolia Flower, Watercolor, Part 1

“How to Paint the Magnolia Flower, Watercolor Painting,” by Ross Barbera, guides viewers in easy to follow, step by step instructions, in classic watercolor painting techniques.

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In this two part video series I demonstrate how to paint the beautiful Magnolia flower using classic, transparent watercolor painting techniques. My instructions are easy to follow, and very detailed. This video series is packed with useful watercolor information and painting tips, and in it I discuss and demonstrate every aspect of the painting’s development. Each part of this painting series is approximately thirty minutes long. Part 1 introduces the initial stages of the painting’s development. Topics discussed range from an introduction of the tools and materials of watercolor painting, to techniques used in applying washes of color, color mixing, masking techniques and paper preparation.

Part 2 continues with the overall development of the painting, and you will learn how to control washes of color to achieve beautiful results. By watching me work with “wet into wet,” painting techniques, you will learn how to control this fundamental method of watercolor painting, and how to effectively interpret your subject matter. In Part 2 you will also see how I develop the background for this painting, and how I work with my paints to “paraphrase,” the subject matter, rather than copy it. My instructions are designed to guide viewers in the process of creating a beautiful watercolor painting, while at the same time to teach the fundamentals of classic, transparent watercolor painting.

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