How To Paint Simple Fall Autumn Inspired Watercolor Ideas | Watercolor Painting

Hey everyone! I couldn’t upload from a while because I was really busy with a special thing! Me and my sister are making our own watercolor brand. We started making handmade watercolors and I actually can’t wait to make a video about that! Our own watercolors will soon be available to purchase and try (through samples!) We came up with some beautiful colors! Check out my highlights on my instagram account to see the watercolors I made so far, woulld absolutely LOVE TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTSSSS!!

I’m finally here after a while with a new fall inspired watercolor video. This video shows you two fall inspired watercolor ideas. I hope you enjoy making these paintings, my apologies if the subtitles seem too fast for you to follow, remember you can adjust the speed of the video to your liking, so try that out if you want! 🙂 Scroll for list of material used! 😀

I will announce the winner for the VIVIVA COLORSHEETS WATERCOLORS today in thiscomment section and the original video here:
I will also mention it in this description in several hours.

Anything that has “*” is an affiliate link, means I get a tin commission if you purchase through this link (no additional cost to you) MATERIALS USED:

Yellow – *
Orange – *
Red: From Whitenights Leningrad
Brown and earthy colors used are from ARTEZA in this set: *

Paper Used:
Canson 140 LB Watercolor Paper * *

Brushes Used:
Dynasty Brush, I used size 8: *

4 Cotman 111 Brush *


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