How to Paint Realistic Wildlife | Acrylic Painting

Painting wildlife can be difficult for many reasons. Getting the right sketch put together prior to painting it and transferring it to the canvas is important.

In this video I show you how to paint the whitetail deer in this painting. I show you how to draw the deer and where the reference material came from. I then show you how to transfer a drawing to a painting and then paint the wildlife subject in full detail!

PART 1 of this painting:
PART 2 of this painting:

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If you have any questions about something I covered or maybe something I didn’t cover in this painting tutorial I am more than happy to answer.

Materials used:
Golden fluid acrylics – raw umber, titamium white, napthol crimson, cad orange, cad yellow, phathlo blue (green shade)
Water for mixing with the paints
Stretched canvas
Various brushes I showed throughout the video


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