How To Paint A French Bulldog By Cousineau Art

How To Paint A French Bulldog Boston Terrier By Cousineau Art
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There is a full list of the supplies that I use on my website at the following link.

My ceramic paint trays are included in that list.
The paint used in this tutorial:
Winsor Newton Opera Rose:
Winsor Newton Quin Red:
Winsor Newton Winsor Yellow:
Winsor and Newton Gouache Perm White:
Van Gogh Permanent Orange:
Van Gogh Cobalt Blue:
Van Gogh Neutral Tint (black/grey):
Van Gogh Burnt Sienna:
Van Gogh Burnt Umber:
Van Gogh Sap Green:
Van Gogh Turquoise Blue:

Arches Rough. Paper:


Note: In the video, I said I paid $25 for two but upon looking at my invoice I see I paid $37 for two pads. Still a better price than Arches.

Billy Showell Brushes:

Paint tray:

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