Inktober Panda painting 2017 @The Art Hive

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a good week. In today’s video I am reviewing Dr. Ph. Martin’s bombay inks and painting my last Inktober piece for 2017! It’s been a busy month but I have really enjoyed the challenge and am quite proud of myself for completing it! I am thinking of doing a sketchbook tour to show you the other pieces I have done this month, so if you would like to see that then leave a comment below.

One thing I did forget to mention in the video about the inks was that it is a good idea to shake the bottles before you use them as I have noticed that some colours can separate a bit if they haven’t been used for a while. All in all though, I really love the vivid colours of these inks , how they mix together and the fact that they are waterproof is a bonus! I will definitely be experimenting with them more in the future and if you have any comments, tips or questions then I would be really pleased to receive them.

Oh, and if you were wondering why I drew a Panda for the prompt ‘MASK’ then its because I gave myself an additional challenge to draw an animal for each of the official word prompts for Inktober (see Jake Parker’s channel for more info!) and a panda was the animal that I thought looked most like he was wearing a mask??!!

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