How to Paint Grass: 6 Different Ways (Acrylic Painting Tutorial)

The updated version of my grass tutorial from 2012. This one is significantly longer and more in-depth. I don’t expect anyone to be watching this all the way through from the beginning so here’s the time codes for each lesson:
00:43 Paper, Palette, and Brushes setup
03:54 General Disclaimer
04:48 Building dark undertones
10:47 First Technique: Distant Grass/Adding Midtones
13:20 Adding distant highlights
15:50 Next Base Tones
18:22 Fan Brush Technique Part 1 (Grass Tech. #2)
22:09 Next Highlights
24:23 Why not use a soft fan brush?
25:07 Grass Tech. #3 (Fan brush vertical technique)
29:00 Extra base tones & Grass Tech #4 (faux fan brush technique)
31:22 Technique #5 individual grass strands
34:03 Steadying your hand
35:22 Applying Tech. #5 to secondary example
36:56 Adding Moss and Rock “fuzz” (Technique #6)

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