How to paint effortless fur in Painter 2020

In this exciting webinar, International Award Winning Artist and Elite Corel Painter Master, Heather Michelle Chinn, will share her hacks for creating animal art from photos using Corel Painter 2020 with a Wacom pen and leveraging traditional art methods. Whether you’re a seasoned pet painter or a new Corel Painter user, you’ll want to tune in LIVE to this insightful webinar because these tricks are transferable to an array of hairy creatures.

Heather will cover:

Essential Corel Painter brushes and how to make custom brush tweaks for various hair types
Setting up your Wacom pen to match your new brushes
How to set up your clone source and re-attach it when you reopen Corel Painter
When to apply freehand brushwork (I.e., how to elevate your painting from “flat” to dimensional)
How to successfully marry an existing painted background with your subject
Using a simple “zinger” to bring added interest to your painting
Obtaining more control in your brushes for a realistic interpretation


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