How to Paint Cliffs and Sea

In this video I show you how to paint a coastal seascape featuring cliffs and the ocean around the south coast of Guernsey, a small island located in the English Channel.

In the video I will explain the following:

1. Composition
2. Colours and brushes
3. Blocking in the painting
4. Adding detail
5. Adding final details

I explain how to paint the cliffs and how to make the foliage on the cliffs recede in the distant landforms. I show you how to paint the sea and simplify the complexities of the moving water in a manner that still gives the appearance of a realistic ocean. I explain how to get the tonality of the painting correct, show you how to mix a few colours and much more.

A special thanks to my mother Wendy Pratt who gave me some footage of Icart Point as I forgot to film the area when I visited Guernsey last year!

If you would like to paint along with this, check out the link below for the written notes that accompany this video. Feel free to copy the painting and copy / use the reference photos that are in the written tutorial.

Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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