How to Paint a Dalmatian Dog in Watercolor – Tutorial

I demonstrate how to paint a Dalmatian in watercolour. #watercolor

I have other full length(1 to 2 hours), voiced-over tutorials (including line drawing and reference photos) available for patrons on my Patreon site.
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✏️Materials used in this video: ?
Supplies bought from the Amazon Links below – help support my channel.

Winsor & Newton watercolour paint
Alizirin crimson
Burnt Sienna
Ultramarine Blue
Winsor Violet
Winsor Lemon
Paynes Grey
Winsor Green blue shade
Cadmium Red
Permanent Rose

Daniel Smith watercolour paint
Phthalo Blue red shade

Brushes: Da Vinci
Maestro series 35 size #3
Cosmotop Spin liner brush Series 1280 size 3/0
Casaneo Series 5598 size #8

Prismacolor Coloured Pencil – Cloud Blue PC1023

Winsor & Newton White Ink

Paper used in this video: Arches hot press watercolour board. This seems to be unavailable at the moment. I’m waiting on Arches to answer my query about the availability of this paper.

Reference photo is my own.


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I have more online watercolour classes if you’re interested in learning how to use this beautiful medium. 4 more new classes coming this year – 2019.

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