Airbrush by Wow No.907 Unicorn on a Nokia Phone

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Airbrush with the Stencil technique for the perfect and fast picture .
Stencils are available at: .
All videos are filmed live in real time.
The colors I used are an opaque black and white ,the other colors are transparent.
erhältliche Grössen / available Sizes.
A — Din A6 — 10 x 15 cm.
B — Din A5 — 14 x 21 cm.
C — Din A4 — 21 x 29 cm.
D — Din A3 — 29 x 40 cm.
New !!!!! Din A 7 –. 4 x 8 cm !!!! für Handys (mobile Phones).

I use solvent based Metalflake Candy colors (should be the same as House of Kolors candy) and a solvent based opaque black and white
the colors are mixed with one part clear coat and one part thinner (or solvent or reducer )to this mix you add the color pigment that you like
as soon as the thinner is evaporating the color pigment is dry and clear coated , so you can wipe over it it´s waterproof and there are realy bright colors
in my classes I recomend that you should have 5 Airbrushes
a black and white Airbrush ( opaque) and
a red,a yellow and a blue Airbrush ( transparent candy color)
with the transparent colors you can mix any color there is right on the surface you are painting at
so you don´t need to buy hunderets of different color shades you can just use the three
colors like a ink or laser printer ( from your computer )

Paper used in the Videos ???
the paper that I use in the Videos is called CHROMOLUX Paper ( superior cast-coated, one-side, high-gloss surface, excellent print performance and luscious surface effects )

the airbrushes I use are called Vega 2000 or Omni 3000 ( 0,3 – 0,5 mm Needle/Nozzle ) with a pressure of 3 bar ( 43 p.s.i )
if you are planning to do some airbrush with the use of stencils you can buy cheaper airbrushes if the stencils are good
in my classes I use an Airbrush pistol ( double Action ) from China that costs about 30,- euro , my advise if you have fun with airbrush buy yourself 5 pistols from the same manufactuer ( if something breaks you can always yous the spare parts)
The colors I used are an opaque black and white ,the other colors are transparent ( Candy Colors ) red , blue and yellow.
with this color combination you can create every color on the painting surface and you can work without cleaning.
after you are finished you clean the basic parts and next time you use the airbrushes you use everytime the same airbrush with the same Color

about cleaning the stencils
I concepted the stencils for my work so that I didn´t have to clean them every time after I used them
with the use of the first black stencil you have all the points in the picture to fit in the other stencils.
I never clean the stencils because you can easyly destroy small details but I use them hundreds of times without quality loss
and the material is solvent / Thinner proof so you can wash them in thinner

about the quality…
instead of an instructional DVD ( that some artist sell with their stencils) I decided to use a free for all you tube film system
everything that you see in the videos can be done by you and the stencils
there is no need to do a huge amount of freehand work to finish the picture like other stencils
this stencil technique increases your working speed so you can do more and earn more money
I´m working a lot on shows and conventions so I have to work very fast and in high quality
so I´ve produced for myself these highly detailed stencils that don´t need to be cleaned after the work


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