Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean your Airbrush

A little video about using an Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean your airbrush and tools. Buy one!
Learning to Airbrush
UPDATE: * Don’t let the objects your cleaning touch the bottom of the cleaner. It can mess it up. Either suspend the objects or put it in a jar with cleaner in it and suspend that in the cleaner *
You do NOT need to put the whole airbrush into the cleaner. All you really need to clean is the Spray Regulator, Nozzle and Needle. * Supposedly you should NOT be sticking your fingers in it while it’s going. It’s suppose to be bad for you. Is it true? I dunno. This is a very cheap model. I assume if it’s one of those industrial vat ones, it might vibrate your skin off and mutate you. If that happens, at least you can be some super hero or something like the Hulk and smashy face some villains in.
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