How to paint a car – guide from start to finish – purple airbrush on top

Painting a car can be difficult if you don`t know how to start. I filmed the complete paintjob of this car including the airbrush artwork I did on the bonnet and trunk. I hope this helps you to paint your own car yourself.

I`m a german designer and do paintjobs on bikes for proffession at my shop called ETOE

But I`m also into the world of customcars and started custompainting at the age of fifteen.

If you want to start to paint cars your own even luxury cars, make sure you know all steps of a good paintjob. I hope my comments are helpful to understand how I did this custom paintjob. Even one fail can ruin the colplete paintjob an is a pain in the ass after you have spend hours of preparation on the car body.

So take your time when using a spraygun.

This paintjob is a combination of

– Metal Flakes
– Purple Candy Color
– Airbrush
– White Base Color


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