How to Draw A Scenery Drawing With Pencil | Easy Pencil

Drawing and shading objects can be difficult to master. After all, the goal is to render a three-dimensional world on a flat surface, which requires a lot of knowledge about form, lighting, and perspective. But if you practice shading in simple steps, you’ll find that it’s easy to create beautiful drawings.

A wooden house, or a log cabin, is always a great subject for an artist. The texture of the tree trunks and the layers of logs are interesting details to draw, and you can easily add your own variations to this scene. This example uses only pencil and paper, but you could also use colored pencils or even watercolors if you’d like to try something different. 

Before you begin, keep in mind that it is necessary to be patient with your work. This will ensure that you are able to create a good drawing. Keep in mind that creating a good drawing is not an easy task, so it will take some time. Let’s get started!


This video is about “How to Draw and Shade A Scenery Drawing With Pencil | Easy Pencil Art”.

{Drawing and shading techniques}”.

It shows how to draw and shade objects in an easy and simple method, a simple sketch of an easy scenery with nice composition with little branches and wooden houses & different tones of pencil. Drawing and Shading.

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