Glass Pen Lettering Tutorial and Review

Learn how to do glass pen lettering with this glass pen lettering tutorial and review. I will show you what ink to use with a glass dip pen and how to prepare the ink. I will show you how to use any type of watercolor ink, not just liquid watercolor. I love lettering with glass pens and I hope this helps you know if it’s the right tool for you! #handlettering #moderncalligraphy

This is a new series I’m doing called Letter With All The Pens where I will be reviewing every brush pen and lettering tool that I have. Find the hashtag #letterwithallthepens on instagram for daily posts or follow me @ensigninsights.

Fauxligraphy workbook for practice:

Glass pen- straight spirally from Amazon:
Glass pen- pear shaped from Amazon:
All glass pens from Aliexpress:
Black paper:
HP premium 32:
Canson Mix Media:
Canson Watercolor paper:
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Find Fearless Lettering the digital workbook here:

My favorites on Amazon:
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