Exhibition Video: Discovering American Indian Art

Presented to the public by the Frank H. McClung Museum of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

A special thanks to:
The Exhibition Curators (Dr. Michael H. Logan and Dr. Gerald F. Schroedl)
The University of Tennessee in Knoxville’s (Department of Anthropology)
McClung Museum Director (Dr. Jefferson Chapman)
Our Exhibition Sponsors (Home Federal Bank, UT Knoxville’s Ready for the World-International and Intercultural Awareness Initiative, and UT Knoxville’s Office of Research)
The Research Assistants (Christy Bohon-Perez and Cora Macmillan)

The Anonymous Lenders who shared a portion of their collection
Frank H. McClung Museum
Special Collections, UTK Library
The Native American artists who produced these exceptional items.
Mr and Mrs. E. H. Rayson

Produced by:
The University of Tennessee Video and Photography Center

Web and Media Coordinator:
Catherine R. Shteynberg

Motion Graphics:
Lance T. Pettiford


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