European Art 1300-1800

Come along as Peter Kær, Museum docentat at The National Gallery of Denmark, visits the collection European Art 1300-1800. Get a taste of which artworks to experience here and hear which ones are the personal favourites of Peter Kær.


With the exhibition European Art 1300-1800 the Gallery opens up a treasure trove featuring works by some of the greatest figures from art history, including Mantegna, Cranach, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt and many more.

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for gaining insights into 500 years of art from all of Europe. Here, the Gallery offers a new space for contemplating art — and, indeed, the various narratives and tales told about Europe over the course of five centuries.

The older European art housed at SMK constitutes the oldest art collection in Denmark and has its roots all the way back to the private collections of the kings.


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