Drawing Superman vs Doomsday – Todd Nauck

Pro comic artist, Todd Nauck, shows how he draws Superman vs Doomsday. This video is the Copic Marker color art for Doomsday.

Channel description:

I am a professional comic book artist drawing comics for Marvel, DC Comics, Image and Dark Horse. My channel is a chance to show you my art, my process, and my passion for superheroes and comic book art.

I am currently an artist for Marvel Comics drawing various Spider-Man and Deadpool series, like Spider-Man/Deadpool, Deadpool: Too Soon? and Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude.

Some of my other projects include the Nightcrawler X-Men solo series from Marvel Comics and the Invincible Universe (and Guarding the Globe Vol. 2) series for Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman at his Skybound imprint at Image Comics.

Some of my past credits include number of Spider-Man projects, most notably Amazing Spider-Man #583: The Spider-Man/Pres. Obama Team-Up, as well as Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, 52, Superman, Supergirl, Legion of Superheroes, and Newmen.

And I am also the creator of the reality TV superhero team, WildGuard, from Image Comics.

See the art here: Link to come.

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