Color in Context: Pumpkin Patch Halloween Special Gouache Demo

Hello Art-Family,
Happy Halloween!! Halloween may be my favorite holiday. Especially now that I have children and they’re getting to an age where they really enjoy getting dressed up. This is a photo from a pumpkin patch here in Pittsburgh. We recently moved here and were eager to find a place to go get pumpkins. It’s part of our Halloween tradition with the kids. Get a bunch of pumpkins and go out for ice cream on the way home to carve them.
As always- hope you find something informative or inspirational about the demo. Thank you all for watching and commenting and being so encouraging and supportive of my work and channel here.
I’m going to be releasing a video I’ve been working on soon on hand-made watercolor and gouache boxes. I have been documenting the steps on a couple boxes I’ve made on instagram: jaredcullum if you’re interested.
See you in the next video!
Stay safe, have fun, happy halloween.. and happy sketching!
PS! If you love halloween and painting… Check out Brian Ashmore’s halloween tutorial. It’s awesome and fun and information:
insta: jaredcullum
twitter: jared_cullum

Supplies in the video:

M Graham:

Crescent 100

Raphael Karell :


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