Drawing & shading a portrait with pencil – Silvie Mahdal

Hi everyone, in this video you will see how I draw a female face as a sketchbook practice! The drawing is created with graphite pencils, blending tools and eraser on a smooth paper. If you like the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe!:)

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How to draw faces from a reference: https://youtu.be/4gQYhRjLQHY
How to draw faces: https://youtu.be/2RRrCQe7t9M
How to shade face: https://youtu.be/IASEdWD8EyA

TOOLS / DRAWING MATERIALS I use for my realistic drawings:
– Sketchbook
– Graphite pencils
– Pencil eraser
– Blending stump
– Soft paintbrush

FIND me also here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silviemahdalart
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silviemahdal

Reference photo: by amazingly talented https://www.instagram.com/wyinarch/ found on Unsplash

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