HOW TO DRAW Realistic Dark Hair with Pencils

This video is a tutorial on how to draw dark hair using charcoal. This method is quick and easy using charcoal.

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Easy and quick approach to drawing dark hair.

What really helped me to draw better was a project I did 3 months after I started to pencil draw. It was a drawing of a glass of water.

This was the turning point. You see, to do this I had to draw every little detail EXACTLY as shown in the photo. When I first completed the drawing, my wife would look at it and tell me what ‘little’ thing was not ‘exactly’ as the photo and I’d go back and make it exact. This went on for a couple of weeks until there was nothing left to change.

What this did was train my eyes to look at details. So from then on, photo details popped out at me and I’d try to reproduce it in the drawing.

Now, I don’t try to be as detailed as the glass water drawing to the point where you can’t tell the difference between the photo and the drawing. But I take the drawing as close as “I feel like it”, with some more than others. The “Girl in the Wall” drawing is one where I really pushed for exact details and was able to achieve photorealism. Others, I didn’t push as far and left them to be easy noted as pencil drawings. That’s art. Do what feels right to you.

So grab a photo of a simple object, like the glass of water, and force yourself to draw and erase till you exactly match the details in the photo. Have someone else look at it and pick out what is NOT exact and then just change it until it is. It’s a challenge, but I guarantee that you will never see photos the same way again after doing this.


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