Drawing Harry Potter From My Sister’s – Huta Chan

Harry Potter is my ultimate favorite since I had read its first novel and till now after finishing both movies and novels. When I released the video of Hermione Granger, a lot of people wanted me to draw other characters in Harry Potter. So, this video is for you guys. Let’s watch it!

Drawing Hermione Granger:
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Draw pencil Anime, graphite pencil, Cool Pencil Drawing, Drawing Manga Girl with Pencil, semi-realistic style.
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BGM: Never Losing Hope – KIKORU
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Chia sẻ vẽ chì nhân vật Anime, vẽ chì than, vẽ tranh Manga chì, phong cách semi realistic…Tôi hy vọng bạn thích nó và xin vui lòng chia sẻ và để lại ý kiến của bạn!
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