Drawing Ben 10 Aliens as… Jedi? Dragons? Transformers? Goku?

I realized I’ve never done a Ben 10 focused ‘Cool stuff as other Cool stuff’ video. I’ve done My Hero Academia Avengers and Disney Princes Sith Lords and Overwatch Dungeons and Dragons characters. But never made Ben 10 aliens into anything.

I didn’t have a single idea that could carry a whole episode, so I asked my subscribers what I should turn Ben 10 aliens into!
There were a lot of great suggestions! I ended up drawing Goop as a Jedi, Upgrade as a Dragon, Wildmutt as a Transformer, Swampfire as a human, Diamondhead and Humungousaur mashed up, and Alien X as a sort of mashup with Goku and just general Dragonball Z type character.

Also here’s The Ink Tank’s video I mentioned talking about:
Why Ben 10 Can Beat Goku Superman and Pretty Much Anyone

To Submit to a PopCross Community Redraw (Which has a different theme each month usually announced at the end of the previous months Community Redraw episode) You can either send art to the Characters-for-Pop channel in the Discord linked below
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/4bpbetr
Or send it by email to [email protected]

Also I put a lot of my art on instagram, sometimes stuff I don’t show on the channel so check it out:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chr.pearson/

Anyway, Don’t know what your fascination is with reading the description, but your still here I guess! So Here are some links to my favourite episodes of this channel!

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