DIY: Custom pencil holder for PRISMACOLOR

I made this video even though it would only be useful to certain people, but I made it anyways! If you are tired of your pencils being unorganized, or even losing them, you may want to consider watching this. I guide you step by step to creating your own pencil holder, made from materiel easily found. (most likely you already have everything you need for this right now!) This may take a little time to do, but trust me when I say its well worth the time and effort!

Like I said, this video won’t make me famous LOL.. but if it has helped you in some way, or if you just appreciate what I do for people.. Then hit that “Thumbs Up” button for me? It helps me so much, and its most appreciated. Thank you to those who actually do this, and thank you everyone for watching!

This project was announced at a earlier date on Facebook, if you want to be up to date, visit me!


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