Digital Painting BLENDING MODES: 3 EASY Ways to Color Your Artwork (Essential!)

There are a LOT of different blending modes in Photoshop (and other software), and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by them all..

Color, color dodge, overlay, multiply, lighten…

..What does each one do?
….Which one should I use??
……What does “color dodge” even mean?!?

Here’s the thing: while every blending mode has it’s uses, you only really need to master a handful for digital painting.

So in this quick tutorial, I’ll show you my top 3 favourite modes I use to add color to my digital paintings.

? In this tutorial:
0:53 – Fixing shadows & highlights with “Overlay”
1:46 – Adding a colored light source
2:43 – Painting shine and glow effects with “Color Dodge”
4:37 – Re-coloring your painting with “Color”

? Mentioned tutorial
Fixing Your Highlights & Shadows with Dodge & Burn:

Enjoy, and happy painting!


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