Digital Art in Watercolor – Summer by loish

Music: Echolox – Relief / Colors ⇨
Digital Original by loish :

As with the last two, this one is kind of an experiment where I wanted to find out if I’m able to imitate digital art with traditional media and I chose this picture because it became somehow like classic to me.
Also, I reflected about the differences which arise when you use a photo reference or digital work. And the reception.. it was pretty interesting xD

It seems like people on are also enjoying these videos, so I wanted to say hello to them 😀 But since the youtube annotations don’t carry over I added a little message in Chinese right at the beginning ^^

Questions about materials, brushes, colors, paper etc.? Watch my Q&A series! ⇨

Ink / Colors / Material used:
Watercolor (Schmincke Akademie), Colorex (Ink), and Pencil on watercolor paper (300g)
23 x 31cm
6 hours

Do not download and re-upload this video to any other website, for example your Facebook Page. You are allowed to embed it directly by using the YouTube link so that video description and in-video annotations stay intact. Questions about materials, brushes, colors, paper etc.?


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