Customizing a helmet just with pencils

Painting a helmet only with pencils! Yes it is possible. Please find all the stuff I used here in the description:

US links:

pro watercolor pecils:
academy watercolor pecils:
ceap watercolor pecils:

carbon paper:

1k clearcoat gloss:
1k clearcoat flatt:

2k clearcoat gloss:
2k claercoat flatt:

EU links:

professionelle wasserfarben Stifte:
preiswerte wasserfarben Stifte:
einsteiger wasserfarben Stifte:

1k Klarlack matt:
1k Klarlack glänzend:

2k Klarlack glänzend:
2K Klarlack matt:

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Painter: Martin Grey

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I painted a skate helmet using only watercolor pencils. I sprayed also a flatt clearcoat using spray can. Drawing on a helmet is possible if you have a bright and flatt surface. Not only spray paint is an option if you want to do custom painting on a helmet. Using pencils can be fun and gives your artwork the special and handmade touch of a handdrawn graphic. In this video I give you an insight in my handdrawn helmet artwork. I painted a gorilla, skull and lots of other things using watercolor pencils.


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